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scenery from Bali Multisport Tour

Bali Multisport Tour

9 day Bicycling & Rafting tour in Bali
Emerald rice paddies, sapphire lakes, and black-sand beaches - our 9-day tour of Bali is truly a trip through paradise. We start in Candidasa, then leave civilization behind in search of 1,000-year-old Hindu temples, active calderas and traditional Balinese villages. You’ll relax by the ocean many nights as we cycle along the Eastern and Northern coast of the island, then spend the last leg of the trip exploring Bali’s towering volcanoes, pristine, shrine-dotted lakes, and lush, tropical forests, winding down our ride Ubud, the capital of Balinese art.   Learn More
scenery from Luang Prabang Bike Tour

Luang Prabang Bike Tour

5 day Bicycling tour in Laos
Experience a side of colonial Laos few tourists ever see. This 5-day tour of Luang Prabang features a boat ride along the Mekong River, swimming under the Kuang Si Waterfall, and so much more. We go beyond the standard tourist sites to see how the locals really live: stopping off at a silk weaving factory (where you’ll see real silkworms), visiting the ethnic Khmu and Hmong hill tribes, and even dropping in on a camp for retired Laotian elephants.   Learn More
scenery from Angkor Wat Bike Tour

Angkor Wat Bike Tour

5 day Bicycling tour in Cambodia
What better way to explore the world’s largest religious monument than by bike? Our short-but-sweet 4-day package allows plenty of time to roam Cambodia’s famous ruins as well as cycle to such stunning destinations as Phnom Bakeng and Preah Khan. After getting your fill of ancient Khmer history and architecture, we whisk you over to Tonle Sap Lake where you’ll witness the surreal floating villages of the local fishing communities.   Learn More
scenery from Big Island of Hawaii Bike Tour

Big Island of Hawaii Bike Tour

8 day Bicycling tour in Hawaii
Our Island Dreams tour leads you away from the resort chains and tourist traps to experience the Big Island’s true natural beauty and indigenous charms. On this 8-day tour you’ll bike smooth country and coastal roads through shady coffee farms and macadamia plantations. You’ll get close to wild sea turtles basking on the black sand beaches of Punalu’u. You’ll even get the chance to see real molten lava ooze across the land at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and this is just the beginning.   Learn More
scenery from Chiang Mai Family Multisport

Chiang Mai Family Multisport

7 day Bicycling, Rafting & Cooking tour in Thailand
Our fixed-base tour of Northern Thailand is perfect for active travelers and families. Each day start and ends at the same beautiful hotel in the heart of 700-year-old Chiang Mai, so there’s no need to pack and unpack. Every day we set out to explore something new - be it cycling to the ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam, rafting the Mae Taman or even a local Thai cooking class. Each night we delve into Thailand’s renowned cuisine, sampling wonders at riverside restaurants and from street food vendors.   Learn More
scenery from Bike Across Bermuda

Bike Across Bermuda

4 day Bicycling & Sea Kayaking tour in Bermuda
Turquoise blue waters and deep blue skies, bright pastel houses topped with crisp white roofs, lush green forests and a rainbow of flowers. Ocean fresh seafood sizzling on the grill, tucked between thick slabs of fresh baked raisin bread, washed down with ice cold locally brewed craft beers. Cycling Bermuda will overwhelm your senses. Discover the fabled island of pirates on a 4 day, bicycle and sea kayaking adventure, historic inns, small roads, cooling sea breezes.   Learn More
scenery from Bali Bike Tour

Bali Bike Tour

8 day Bicycling tour in Indonesia
Bali on two wheels with luxurious lodging each night, how better to explore paradise. Discover the eastern half of the fabled island of Bali, pedaling from Candidasa around the coast, then across the volcanic heart of the island. Explore white sand beaches, small traditional villages, discover lush forests and cascading waterfalls. Dine of regional specialities at the delgithful little local cafes. Explore the Hindu culture and ancient temples, discover the beautiful artwork in Ubud, relish a week in paradise.   Learn More
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