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Alaska Yukon Adventure

Its adventure time in the far north again. Each year pedalers offers one of our two expeditionary rides through British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska.  This summer we will be riding the Alaska Yukon Adventure, meeting in Haines, Alaska on the 20th of June and finishing in Anchorage on the 5th of July.

The Alaska Yukon Adventure is a special ride, combining some the far northwest's most scenic highways into a two week scenic wonder.  You will bike the Haines highway up from the historic seaport town of Haines, through the coastal ranges to its junction with the notorious Al-Can Highway.  Swinging west along the Al-Can (or Alaska Highway as it is called today) we cycle through vast wilderness areas, through thick forests, past turquoise lakes (whose shores we camp upon), under the towering St Elias Mountains to Alaska.  the final leg turns south along the Richardson, the first highway to reach interior Alaska, to the cycling's terminus in Valdez.  A ferry trip across prince William Sound winds down the adventure.

We still have a few spots left for 2018 and the tour won't be run again until 2020.  Join us for a ride of a lifetime this coming June.  Sign Up Today

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Your Data with Pedalers

With all the recent news about data breaches and unethical data sharing that has been going on with Facebook, elections and hackers plus the impending GDPR rules in the EU, we wanted to open up about how Pedalers treats your personal information.  In simple terms, we treat it like it was our own personal information.

Read our blog post about your data's treatment here at Pedalers.

Happy New Year!

No we are not crazy, it is time for New Year celebrations in Southeast Asia.  As winter's long dry season comes to an end and the heat and rains of summer return most of the countries in SE Asia celebrate their New Year.  In Myanmar it is known as Thingyan, in Laos they have Pii Mai, Cambodians celebrate Choul Chnam Thmey and the most well known of them all, Songkran in Thailand, known amongst tourists as the 'Water Festival'.

Each country celebrates in their own style, but all the celebrations share certain traits.  First is honoring your parents and ancestors, people will perform a ceremonial washing of their parents, grandparents and older relatives, using scented water with small flowers.  Small villages may gather all the elders in a village wide ceremony.  The younger generations will help clean the older generation's houses, sort of like the Spring Cleaning in the west.

The second biggest is honoring Buddha.  Villagers will gather to clean up the local Wat (temple), washing the Buddha images carefully with scented water same as used on their elders.  people will bring sand to make small stupas, returning the sand they tracked out during the previous year.  Merit making ceremonies are common with people bringing goods to the wat.  And often ordination ceremonies of novice monks are planned during the holiday.  These two aspects are often missed by tourists who come searching only for the water play aspect of the celebrations, but one that are easily enjoyed by traveling away from the tourist cities into the rural countryside.

The third and best know aspect of SE Asia New Year celebrations is water play (len nam in Thailand).  This aspect grew out of the ceremonial washing of the elders, expanding to "washing" anyone walking past your house.  Kids stand outside their houses armed with buckets of water and squirt guns, businesses let their employees  stand outside the shop "armed" in similar style.  Passerbys will be washed, anything from a sprinkle to full bucket, then adorned with baby powder.  In bigger towns, often one day is set aside for waterplay and everyone joins in, people in pick up trucks driving around with barrels of water onboard, farm trucks bristle with teenagers and squirt guns, people in brightly colored Hawaiian shirts or traditional Thai dress, dancing and playing water.

A Walk with the Maasai

Is walking a preferred pastime for you?  Does discovering a country with its indigenous people intrigue you?  How about a walk with the Maasai, Kenya's renowned nomadic tribe?

Pedalers is offering our new A Walk With The Maasai tour, a slow in-depth look at the Ngorongoro Conservation District.  This week long walk is accompanied by native Maasai that call the parklands their home.  They have lived in harmony with the lands for many generations and will introduce you to life on the land, the local flora and fauna, history of their people and more.  We bed down at night under canvas, a couple of evenings in fixed safari camps with ensuite facilities and in mobile camps during most of the trek.  Our crew takes care of all the chores and transport, so you walk unencumbered, enjoying every moment of the adventure.

The trip is offered upon request throughout the year, with prices starting at $2250 depending on group size.  the trip doesn't have a fancy webpage yet, that will coem with our next update this spring.  But you can download a trip itinerary here.

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Did You Notice

Did you notice that our domain name has changed?  Our website is now located at, rather than the older  We adopted the change because travel is what we are all about, though not to worry we still have a culinary focus on our tours.  And with the upcoming new tours involving walking, trekking and canoeing, we felt a boarder focus on travel was more apropos.  You old links will still work, our server is smart enough to redirect your request.  But if you or your business or bike club maintain links with our old url, we would appreciate them being updated.  Email us if you have any questions.

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