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Alaska Yukon Bike Tour

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Cycling the Best of the Yukon & Alaska

Pedalers' Alaska bicycle tour across Alaska and Yukon offers a cycle where the sun never sets. Starting with a ferry ride from Juneau to Haines, you will be welcomed to the Alaskan scene by visions of dolphins dancing in the waves and sea otters lazing on the shore. These sights are only the first of many, as the Alaskan Yukon Bike Tour takes you deep into the Alaskan and Canadian mountain ranges, along the Klehini River, and into the Yukon Territory. You will ride through endless untouched forests, past the turquoise blue of Kluane Lake, and between the Chugach and Wrangell Mountains, all the while experiencing landscapes more beautiful than you can imagine. The trip ends as it began, with a ferry across the Prince William Sound, giving you the chance to say farewell to the sea-life and glaciers that first greeted you.

The sense of wonder never has to stop, as you will spend the nights in historic roadhouses, small ranches, and authentic lodges. You will also have the opportunity to make your own adventures in the places you visit, spending free time exploring the towns or seeking out more nature vistas.

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Scheduled Dates
9 Jun 2025
Camping $4400 per person

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daily details

Alaska bicycle tour day by day details  

Swap land for sea and witness dolphins frolic as you cruise to charming Haines, your launchpad for adventure!
  • Ferry voyage through the awe-inspiring Inside Passage.
  • Explore Haines' unique shops and local character.
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner by the docks, anticipation simmering for the adventures ahead.
Your journey begins with a thrilling ferry ride aboard the M/V Malaspina, whisking you away from Juneau to Haines through the mesmerizing Inside Passage. Keepyour eyes peeled for playful dolphins and lounging sea otters as you soak in the awe-inspiring landscapes. Upon arrival in Haines, indulge in a delicious dinner by the tranquildocks.
Relax: Ferry to Haines
Eat: on your own
Sleep: Hotel Halsingland  
Soar with eagles, witness timeless traditions, and conquer your first Alaskan miles in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Reserve!
  • Bike alongside the Chilkat River, keeping your eyes peeled for majestic bald eagles.
  • Witness the art of traditional salmon fishing, a glimpse into Alaska's rich heritage.
  • Return to Haines, your historic haven buzzing with stories whispered by time.
After a hearty breakfast and tour orientation, it's time to hit the road! Pedal through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Reserve, where traditional salmon fishingwheels and stunning vistas await. We'll cover a leisurely 33 miles, crossing into Canada and conquering the iconic Three Guardsmen and Chilkat passes. Back in Haines for thenight, our historic hotel awaits with cozy accommodations.
Ride: 33 mi / 45 km, Land: flat & small hills
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Hotel Halsingland  
Conquering mountain passes, crossing borders, and gasping at glacier-draped peaks ? brace yourself for epic scenery!
  • Challenge yourself on scenic climbs, feeling the thrill of entering Canada.
  • Cycle alongside the Klehini River, its glacial waters reflecting the grandeur of the landscape.
  • Bed down in a cozy wilderness lodge, surrounded by whispering pines and the day's epic tales.
Get ready for a day of jaw-dropping scenery as we delve deeper into the mountains, crossing into British Columbia and then the Yukon Territory. Glaciers,rivers, and towering peaks surround us as we pedal through the untamed wilderness. Rest your head at a peaceful wilderness lodge, nestled amidst nature's grandeur.
Ride: 66 mi / 106 km , Land: mountainous, Passes: Three Guardsman 3215 ft / 980 m; Chilkat 3493 ft / 1065m
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Flying Squirrel Cabins  
Pedal alongside Dezadeash Lake's pristine waters, feeling the mirror of accomplishment reflect in its depths!
  • Cruise on two wheels next to Dezadeash Lake, its turquoise beauty calming your soul.
  • Arrive in Haines Junction, where warm welcomes and local brews await.
  • Relax, reflect, and refuel ? tomorrow brings new adventures!
Today, we'll be treated to more stunning scenery along Dezadeash Lake, culminating in our arrival at Haines Junction. Intersecting with the iconic Al-CanHighway, we'll enjoy a comfortable night's stay before a well-deserved day off the bikes on Day 5.
Ride: 53 mi / 85 km, Land: small hills
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch
Sleep: Alcan Motor Inn  
Take a breather! Hike breathtaking trails, delve into local shops, or indulge in sweet treats ? it's your adventure, your way.
  • Explore Haines Junction's unique character, from hiking trails to charming shops.
  • Savor delicious local treats ? fuel for the soul and upcoming adventures.
  • Remember, recharging is key for conquering tomorrow's challenges!
Take a break from the pedals and explore the charms of Haines Junction. Whether you're visiting the Visitors Center for St Elias Park or simply unwinding onthe porch of a local bakery, today is all about rest and relaxation.
Relax: A free day to explore
Eat: on your own
Sleep: Alcan Motor Inn  
Get ready for jaw-dropping drama! Cycle against the mighty St. Elias Range, where turquoise Kluane Lake shimmers like a hidden gem. Tonight, charming Destruction Bay awaits,with Dahl Sheep grazing on mountainsides ? a postcard come to life!
  • Challenge yourself on scenic routes with the St. Elias Range as your backdrop.
  • Marvel at the turquoise wonder of Kluane Lake, a hidden gem nestled in the mountains.
  • Spot Dahl Sheep grazing on mountainsides in Destruction Bay ? an unforgettable postcard moment.
Prepare for a day of dramatic cycling along the majestic St Elias Mountain Range, with a picturesque stopover in Destruction Bay overlooking the shimmeringKluane Lake. Keep your eyes peeled for Dahl Sheep dotting the mountainsides as we pedal onwards.
Ride: 50 mi / 80 km, Land: small & moderate hills
Eat: Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Talbot Arm Motel  
More pedaling paradise! Glide alongside Kluane Lake, delve into fascinating history, and camp under a canopy of stars ?adventure never sleeps!
  • Cycle next to Kluane Lake, its serene beauty a balm for the soul.
  • Uncover fascinating stories at the Burwash Landing Museum.
  • Camp under a sky sprinkled with stars, sharing laughter and stories with fellow adventurers.
Explore the wonders of the Burwash Landing Natural History Museum before continuing our journey along the shores of Kluane Lake. Pedal through untouchedwilderness as we make our way to our cozy tent cabins for the night, indulging in delicious salmon delights.
Ride: 83 mi / 140 km, Land: flat & small hills
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Discovery Yukon  
Traverse wild tundra, cross borders with a triumphant cheer, and reach Tok Junction – adventure awaits!
  • Pedal through rugged wilderness, feeling the thrill of untamed landscapes.
  • Cross into Alaska with a sense of accomplishment, marking a new chapter in your journey.
  • Explore Tok Junction, a town steeped in frontier spirit, and refuel for tomorrow's adventures.
Venture deeper into the Canadian wilderness, with the Wrangell St Elias Range to the south and endless forests to the north. Tonight, we cross the border backinto Alaska, with a final push through the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge before reaching Tok Junction.
Ride: 57 mi / 92 km, Land: small hills
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch
Sleep: Burnt Paw Cabins  
Relax, recharge, and reminisce! Explore Tok, conquer more Al-Can miles, or catch up on that ever-growing tan – it's your wild day!
  • Wander through Tok's unique shops and discover local treasures.
  • Cycle more of the legendary Al-Can, testing your limits and enjoying the scenery.
  • Catch up on laundry, rest your weary legs, and savor the memories you've made so far.
Enjoy a well-deserved break in Tok, where you can catch up on rest, explore the quaint town, or perhaps squeeze in a few more miles along the Al-CanHighway.
Relax: A free day to explore
Eat: on your own
Sleep: Burnt Paw Cabins  
Gear up for epic vistas! The majestic Alaska Range beckons, with tonight's ranch offering breathtaking panoramas.
  • Conquer scenic climbs on the Tok Cutoff, the Alaska Range your awe-inspiring companion.
  • Arrive at a charming ranch, where panoramic views of the Wrangell Range soothe your soul.
  • Recount the day's triumphs under a starlit sky, sharing laughter and stories with fellow adventurers
Pedal through the magnificent Alaska Range, with breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and pristine rivers. Our remote lodge offers a perfect vantage pointto soak it all in, with Mt Drum standing majestically in the distance.
Ride: 72 mi / 116 km, Land: flat then gradual uphill
Eat:Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Grizzly Lake Camp  
Roll back in time! Historic Gakona welcomes you with the oldest operating roadhouse in Alaska – stories and comfort await.
  • Cycle down the Tok Cutoff, soaking in the historic charm of the landscape.
  • Step back in time at the Gakona Roadhouse, savoring delicious food and legendary tales.
  • Unwind in the warm ambiance of the oldest operating roadhouse in Alaska – a night to remember.
Continue our journey along the Tok Cutoff, with the towering Wrangell Mountains to our left and the vast Alaskan wilderness to our right. Tonight, we rest atthe historic Gakona Roadhouse, steeped in charm and hospitality.
Ride: 51 mi / 81 km, Land: hilly
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Gakona Lodge  
Brace yourself for fiery peaks! Cycle past dramatic volcanoes, delve into park knowledge, and rest in another charming roadhouse.
  • Witness the awe-inspiring volcanic peaks of Wrangell National Park.
  • Learn about the park's diverse ecosystems at the informative visitor center.
  • Settle into another cozy roadhouse in Tonsina River, where laughter and stories mingle with the scent of campfire smoke.
Pedal past the dramatic volcanic peaks of Wrangell National Park as we journey along the Richardson Highway. Bed down at Tonsina River Roadhouse after passingthrough Glenallen and Copper Center.
Ride: 76 mi / 122 km, Land: hilly
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Tonsina Roadhouse (no website)
Prepare for your cycling masterpiece! Conquering mountain ranges, capturing epic photos, and reaching the charming village of Valdez – your grand finale!
  • Navigate the breathtaking Chugach and Wrangell Ranges, a cyclist's dream come true.
  • Capture postcard-worthy photos at Thompson Pass and Keystone Canyon.
  • Arrive in the charming fishing village of Valdez, feeling the exhilaration of accomplishment.
Embark on the final leg of our adventure, cycling between the magnificent Chugach and Wrangell Mountains Ranges. Cross Thompson Pass and wind through KeystoneCanyon before reaching the charming fishing port of Valdez.
Ride: 53 mi / 85 km, Land: small hills then short climb, Pass: Thompson 2771 ft / 845 m
Eat: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sleep: Mountain Sky Hotel  
Sail through a sea of wonders! Witness glaciers calving, spot playful sea life, and reach Anchorage with memories etched in your heart.
  • Cruise through Prince William Sound, witnessing glaciers calving into the sea – a sight like no other
  • Keep your eyes peeled for playful otters and seals frolicking in the waves.
  • Reach Anchorage, your journey complete, but the memories lingering on like whispers of the wild.
End the trip with a scenic ferry ride through Prince William Sound, offering one last glimpse of Alaska's majestic glaciers and wildlife. As we shuttle backto Anchorage Airport, let's cherish the memories made and the friendships forged on this incredible journey. Until next time, fellow adventurers!
Travel: Ferry & shuttle to airport
Eat: on your own

Good Gear

Pedalers provides Fuji Sportif, a lightweight, touring road bike. The bikes are equipped with beefier tires to handle Alaskan roads, disc brakes, dropbars and a wide range of gearing for the rolling terrain.

As a safe health measure, guests are asked to bring their own helmets and waterbottles for cycling.

Frontier Grub & Gourmet Cuisine

Dining on our Alaska trips is one of contrasts. Some evenings our remote lodges offer frontier grub, hearty family cooking that is heavy on meats, fish and potatoes, similar to what early residents survived on. Other nights we dine on outstanding culinary treats with salmon, halibut, garden fresh salads, delightful homemade deserts.

Travelers considering the trip need to be aware that the tour is not vegetarian friendly, as choices at remote lodges may be limited to salad and fries for non meat or fish eaters.

Getting There

The Alaska Yukon Bike Tour meets in Haines Alaska and ends in Anchorage Alaska. Guests need to fly into Juneau Alaska and the take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to Haines. At tour's end guests will be dropped at Anchorage Airport.

Guests should plan their flights to arrive in Juneau Alaska the day before the tour starts and catch the morning ferry on Day 1. Guides will meet the ferry at the port in Haines. Guests should plan flight from Anchorage for after 21:00 (7 pm) on Day16.

Juneau Airport code: JNU     Anchorage Airport code: ANC     JNULocal Time: GMT-9


Documents Please

Passports are required for all guests. Visas maybe required depending on your nationality, check with the nearest American & Canadian embassies.

Whatcha Gonna Get

  • Expert local guides
  • Entrance and activity fees
  • Handpicked lodges, ensuite rooms, double occupancy
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, snacks*
  • Dinners featuring fine local cuisine*
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • Support van for baggage and lifts
  • Free use of bicycles
  • Ferry port pick up & airport drop off

*as noted in itinerary

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