Great Alaska Highway Ride

a 25 day bike tour up the Al-Can

The Great Alaska Highway Ride, presents the best of this famed highway (formerly known as the Al-Can). We'll be starting at Milepost 0 in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and finishing almost 1400 miles later at Milepost 1422 in Delta Junction, Alaska. Your monumental bicycle tour winds it's way through thick forests, over rolling hills and down river valleys surrounded by towering glacial shrouded mountain ranges.

Our ride starts in the rolling forested hills of British Columbia, where small towns still pop-up along our route and rivers carve wide valleys for the road to follow. Once we crest Steamboat Mountain on day 6 the grandeur of the Northern Rockies envelopes our route for the weeks to come. Explore the wildlife of Stone Mountain Provincial Park and the scenic beauty of Muncho Lake Park.

As we enter the Yukon Territory the towns become fewer and farther between. But the unbelievable alpine scenery more than makes up for the lack of civilization . . . . nothing better than relaxing in a campground's hot tub, after a day of riding, with blue Kluane Lake to your left and towering snow capped peaks to your right. The snow capped peaks keep getting closer and closer as we work our way along side the Wrangrell - St Elias Mountain Range and into Alaska.

We'll relax in comfortable motels on our layover days along our route. . . Whitehorse and Muncho Lake Provincial Park. You'll enjoy an afternoon of soaking-away-the-miles in the soothing Liard Hot Springs. And some added bonuses... the wildlife still dots the roadsides... traffic is light... and some of our campground hosts bake the best cinnamon rolls and pies you'll ever encounter. Enjoy the ultimate wilderness road bike tour!
The Al-Can Highway was hurriedly built in only nine months by the US Army and Canadian contractors during World War II. 
Milepost zero start of Alaska Highway bike tour

Meet in Edmonton, shuttle to Dawson Creek.
Day 1 - We will gather in Dawson Creek in late afternoon, where you will have a chance to get your bike ready, meet your fellow riders and review the weeks to come.
Meals: none

Day 2 - We're off heading up the Alaska Highway. The tour starts off easy, with a short 50 mile warm up ride to our camp on the shores of scneic Charley Lake.
Cycling: 51 mi, Terrain: hilly, Meals: B L D
kiskatinaw curved bridge while cycling

Cycle the historic Kitkasinaw curved wooden bridge, avoid Suicide Hill, visit Sikanni Chief
Day 3 - Civilization bids us adieu as we continue north today. Old timers and guidebooks talk about Suicide Hill and the wooden Sikanni Chief Bridge along today's route, but they are only remembered with plaques now. We will camp in the forests of Pink Mountain, named for the rosy quartz outcroppings.
Cycling: 88 mi, Terrain: hilly, Meals: B L D

Day 4 - Moose are known to frequent our next stretch of road, perhaps we will be lucky and see these forest giants. Our camp tonight is in Prophet River site of Lum & Abner's, one of the first cafés along the Alaska Highway.
Cycling: 68 mi, Terrain: hilly, Meals: B L D

Day 5 - Our last day in the rolling hills of British Columbia takes us to the Muskwa River (lowest point on the Alaska Highway) then into our first town Fort Nelson and a relaxing night in a motel (with a pool, a rare commodity up here).
Cycling: 57 mi, Terrain: hilly, Meals: B L
Muncho lake Provincial park wildlife

Discover Tetsa River the Cinnamon Bun center of the Galactic Cluster, conquer Steamboat Mountain and turquoise Summit Lake, to relax by Muncho Lake
Day 6 - Your first big climb takes you up and over Steamboat Mountain. From our lunch spot on top you will catch a glimpse of the awesome Rocky Mountain grandeur that you will be riding through for the rest of the tour. We'll camp at Tetsa River Ranch tonight, the "Cinnamon Bun Center of the Galactic Cluster" (and yes they are that good !).
Cycling: 71 mi, Terrain: mountainous, Meals: L D

Day 7 - We reach the highest point along the highway today, as we climb to Summit Lake, then descend into Stone Mountain Provincial Park. You have some great opportunity to see and photograph the Stone Mountain Sheep today. We'll finish the day in Muncho Lake Provincial Park.
Cycling: 84 mi, Terrain: mountainous, Meals: B L

Day 8 - A layover day in Muncho Lake Provincial Park, perhaps some hiking, fishing, flightseeing or just lounging around on the porch of the lodge enjoying the spectacular views.
Meals: none
slipper orchids at liard hot springs

Relax at Liard Hot Springs, visit Allens Lookout where robbers watched for riverboats, explore Watson Lake's signpost forest
Day 9 - An easy day with a great finish. It's a downhill run out of Muncho Lake Park as we head for the Liard River Valley. Here we will find Liard Hot Springs, an almost tropical enclave in the wilderness. A long afternoon soak in the hot springs is sure to work out all the kinks.
Cycling: 36 mi, Terrain: downhill and small hills, Meals: L D

Day 10 - Well rested and refreshed, we tackle our first century ride of the tour. Pretty much following the Liard River, we will be passing such colorful watering holes as Coal Creek and Contact Creek, before arriving at our stop, Fireside and its river side camp.
Cycling: 75 mi, Terrain: hilly, Meals: B L D

Day 11 - It's a relatively easy ride to Watson Lake today, giving you ample time to explore the Signpost Forest, Museums and Northern Lights Theatre. 36 mi
Cycling: 67 mi, Terrain: small hills, Meals: B L
cycling along the Alaska highway

Cycle to Rancheria Falls, sleep on the shores of Teslin Lake, learn more at Tinglit Museum and historic Johnsons Crossing.
Day 12 - You'll pick up the Rancheria River today, following its course as it winds back and forth between British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. We'll be camping tonight at Rancheria Campground (and if you want a couple miles further down the road is Rancheria Falls, not very imaginative with their names eh?)
Cycling: 75 mi, Terrain: flat, Meals: L D

Day 13 - We'll follow the Rancheria River for a while longer before crossing the Continental Divide today. Our camp tonight enjoys scenic views of Teslin Lake
Cycling: 83 mi, Terrain: moderate hills, Meals: B L D

Day 14 - You'll be pedaling along the shores of Teslin Lake for most of today, with a chance to explore the museums of Teslin town, home of the Tlingit Indians. We'll set camp at Johnson's Crossing tonight on the banks of the Teslin River. The bakery here runs neck and neck with Tetsa for the best cinnamon buns in the world.
Cycling: 41 mi, Terrain: flat, Meals: B L D
Historic steamwheeler in Whitehorse

Free day in Whitehorse, check out historic paddle wheelers, birthplace of Robert Service.
Day 15 - The last day of this leg takes us to the only real city along the Alaska Highway, Whitehorse (but still small with only 21,000 people; 31,000 in the entire Yukon Territory).
Cycling: 81 mi, Terrain: small hills, Meals: B L

Day 16 - A free day in Whitehorse. There are museums to explore, trails to hike, rivers to canoe, coffee shops to relax in and more. Folks doing the shorter 10 day trip will be joining us today.
Meals: none
midnight sun illuminating the St Elias Range

Ride the Haines Junction century, cycle along dramatic St Elias range, camp on the shores Kluane Lake, visit Beaver Creek western most community in Canada.
Day 17 - Our nearly century day. This ride takes us from the rolling hills around Whitehorse to the foot of the glacial shrouded St Elias Range. The scenery just gets better and better as your day progresses. We'll be camping in Haines Junction tonight at the foot of this spectacular mountain range.
Cycling: 97 mi, Terrain: small & moderate hills, Meals: L D

Day 18 - After yesterday's long ride, we have a couple of leisurely fifty milers. Today we are enroute to the turquoise colored Kluane Lake and the most beautiful of all our campgrounds, Cottonwood. You can enjoy a soak in their hot tub, with the lake on one side and the towering rugged mountains on the other.
Cycling: 50 mi, Terrain: small hills, Meals: B L D
Kluane Lake along bike route
Day 19 - This morning's ride continues along Kluane Lake, with a stop at the Burwash Landing Museum. Afternoon will find us pedaling through the immense landscapes that characterize the next section of highway, untouched wilderness for as far as the eye can see. We'll stop at Lake Creek Provincial Park.
Cycling: 83 mi, Terrain: flat, Meals: B L D

Day 20 - Our last full day in Canada, takes us deeper into this wilderness region, with the Wrangell St Elias Range to our south and miles of untouched rolling forest lands to the north. We'll be bedding down indoors in Beaver Creek tonight.
Cycling: 50 mi, Terrain: flat, Meals: B L
bike touring in Alaska

Enter Alaska, cycling across the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge, check out the fudge in Tok Junction, celebrate the arrival at Mile 1422 in Delta Junction.
Day 21- We made it to Alaska! Twenty miles outside Beaver Creek we cross the border, then enjoy a ride across the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge enroute to our camp located on the shore of a beautiful lake within the refuge.
Cycling: 54 mi, Terrain: flat, Meals: L D

Day 22 - A leisurely day takes us to Tok Junction. A popular stopping point for Alaska Highway travelers, it's a good chance to start picking up those mandatory gifts for folks back home.
Cycling: 57 mi, Terrain: small hills, Meals: B L D

Day 23 - We're heading for Delta Junction and the end point of the Alaska Highway. A relatively flat but long ride through the Alaska Buffalo Range will bring us to Milepost 1422, the official end to the highway. Before everyone changes out of cycling gear, we will gather for some group photos to celebrate an awesome ride.
Cycling: 112 mi, Terrain: small hills then flat, Meals: B L D
Milepost 1422 top of the Al-Can

Shuttle into Fairbanks, finish the tour off with an all you can eat Salmon Bake.
Day 24 - We will pack the bikes before a late morning shuttle folks to Fairbanks. You have most of the day free to explore as you see fit. We will gather at dinner time and enjoy a delicious Salmon Bake . . . all you can eat Salmon and Halibut . . . a cyclist's dream meal.
Meals: B D

Day 25 - Shuttles will be available to Fairbanks Airport, throughout the day. See you next ride.
Meals: none

From Our Guests . . .

Really enjoyed the trip. The scenery and wildlife was amazing. Our trip leader Tom was prepared for any questions you had about the area. Every morning there was a briefing about that days ride and what you may encounter. Meals were always prepared in a timely manner and there was always plenty to eat. Campsites and motels were what you should expect on a wilderness tour. You're not pressured into riding hard or past your abilities on the ride. Tom lets you know that this is your ride and you decide how fast or if you even want to ride from day to day. You need a break, don't ride. The weather is bad, don't ride. The goal of this trip is to get up the Alaska Highway and enjoy doing it! Thanks Tom for helping me fulfill my dream of going up the Alaska Highway. Also I'd like to thank Barry, Vern & Tom my fellow riders that I met on the tour for making the trip a lot easier and fun. It was a pleasure riding with you!!!    
By far this was the best bicycle tour experience for me yet even after having completed a couple of coast-to-coast tours. Scenery that was beyond imagination, all kinds of critters, food that was exceptional and experiences that will be a once in a life time opportunity.    
In researching bicycle rides in Alaska, my goal was to ride alot and ride hard, see alot and as much as possible cause I knew I wouldn't be back, not be pampered too much but be basically taken care of, and not pay alot. I found exactly what I was looking for in Pedalers. More really. Each day made me happy to be there and proud of the riding I was able to do. Each day was tough, but each day Tom took care of us by providing picturesque and bountiful roadside sustenance as well as surprisingly exquisite campside meals. For me personally, it was the right amount of on-your-own ruggedness with the comfortable knowledge that someone was there for you when and if you needed it.    
The Great Alaska Highway Ride is an experience of a Lifetime. Endless miles of pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife, awe inspiring views, encounters with fascinating people of all ages from around the world, and incredible food made this trip a tapestry of experiences that I will never forget. Truly a unique and exciting adventure.    
I was worried about the whole thing. Don't. The terrain is hilly but not bad, the campgrounds are mostly fine, the beer is Glacier Fresh, and you\'ll have a wonderful experience. Tom pretty much takes care of everything, including moral support and hot drinks when the rain hits. It was all a blast.    
The challenge day after day of riding such a road and the great scenery along the way. The best ride I have ever done, so good that I will be back in 2010. (Pedalers note ... he did join us again)    
It is hard to pinpoint particular highlights as it was all so good. The cycling, scenery, wildlife, food provided, everywhere we stayed and all the people on my tour stick in my mind as highlights! I am struggling to think of any criticisms. I was slightly apprehensive using a tour company I knew nothing about, but everything lived up to my expectations and some things exceded them.    
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25 days (21 days cycling)
Camping & Motels
Level: C

Camping and Motels    See some of our hotels

Tour meets Edmonton, Alberta (YEG) and ends in Fairbanks, Alaska (FAI)
Small paved roads, light traffic, hilly terrain, no civilization

Total: 1388 mi / 2233 km
Daily Avg: 66 mi / 106 km

Scheduled Departures:
Tour Cost: $4995
Deposit: $400

Single Supplement: $1050
Bike Rental: free of charge
(All costs per person in US $)

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Comfortable Boutique Accommodation

Woodlands Inn
Modern full service hotel right across the street from Ft Nelson's best watering hole..

Bighorn Hotel
A small family hotel with a charming interior.

Northern Rockies Lodge
Elegant log cabin lodge perched on the beautiful shores of Muncho Lake.

Klondike Inn
Comfortable frontier hotel located in the heart of Whitehorse.

Beaver Creek Inn
Canada's frontier comes alive in this log cabin lodge.

Rivers Edge Resort
Beautiful cottages on the banks of Fairbanks' Chena River.

The hotels listed here are our preferred properties, but may not be available for all dates. Our other nights are camping, all with hot showers.

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