Buddha images in Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Thailand Bicycling & Multisport Tours

Thailand by bicycle, raft, sea kayak

Thailand is truly a cyclist's paradise ... awesome foods ... tropical landscapes ... delightful hotels ... more smiles per mile than any other destination. Pedalers has been entranced with this country since we started the first ever commercial bike tours to visit the Kingdom back in 1987. We would love to invite you to come experience these wonders.

While cycling Thailand you will enjoy a network of quiet paved rural roads and some of the most bike friendly drivers anywhere. One group was cycling up a long hill when a double trailer truck came up behind them. The truck driver patiently cruised at 10 kilometers per hour behind them until he had a long open stretch to safely pass, doing so with a wave and a smile. When the group crested the hill, there was the truck pulled off by the side of the road, the driver waiting with a couple of bottles of cold water for the riders.

You have several choices of guided Thailand bike tours to choose from below. But if you don't see one that appeals please drop us an email with your requests. Over the past 35 years we have researched many other interesting cycling tour routes in the Land of Smiles.

photo from Bangkok to Golden Triangle

Bangkok to Golden Triangle

Cycling through Thailand's history, culture and cuisine
Classic Inns ✦ 14 days ✦ Moderate
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photo from Bike Across Southern Thailand

Bike Across Southern Thailand

Bicycling & sea kayaking through dramatic karst landscapes
Classic Inns ✦ 10 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from Northern Thailand Bike Tour

Northern Thailand Bike Tour

Discover the foods, history and landscapes of the Lanna Kingdom
Classic or Première* ✦ 7 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from Chiang Mai Family Multisport

Chiang Mai Family Multisport

Bike, raft and cook your way through Chiang Mai's wonders
Première or Classic* ✦ 7 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from Krabi to Koh Samui

Krabi to Koh Samui

Coast to coast through dramatic karst landscapes & lush jungles.
Classic Inns ✦ 8 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok to Phuket

Cycling the coast and rainforests of Thailand's Kra Isthmus
Classic Inns ✦ 9 days ✦ Moderate
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photo from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Cycling past teak temples, historic towns & lush forests
Classic Inns ✦ 7 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from Valley of the Mists

Valley of the Mists

A challenging alpine ride thru tropical landscapes.
Classic Inns ✦ 11 days ✦ Extreme
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