Pad Prik Kang Kai Prik Thai Orn

Chicken & Peppercorns with Red Curry Paste

• chicken, slice 500 - 600 gm
• fresh chili, slice 80 - 100 gm. ( big chili )
• fresh green peppercorns 100 - 130 gm. ( cut about 1 cm. ) ( dried black peppercorns OK )
• garlic, pound 1 1/2 tablespoons
• chili, pound 1 tablespoons
• red curry paste 50 - 80 gm. ( prik kang )
• cooking oil 5 -6 tablespoons
• oyster sauce 2 tablespoons
• Maggy cooking sauce 1 tablespoons
• soy sauce 1 tablespoons.
• msg 1 tea spoon
• rot dee 2 tablespoon. ( thai bullion )
• fish sauce 1 tablespoon
• sugar 1/2 - 1 tablespoons

* if you like green bean ( cowpea or long bean ) you can add some of them .. maybe 100 - 150 gm.

How to Cook

1 heat the oil, then pound garlic, pound chili, red curry paste and fry them together.

2 then chicken and then msg, oyster sauce, maggi cooking sauce, soy sauce, flavor powder, fish sauce, sugar

3 after that , put ( and green bean if you like ) fresh pepper, fresh chili then cook them together for a while, then turn the heat off.

shouldn't cook them too long after put everything in, because green bean, fresh pepper and fresh chili will be too cooked. ( too soft )

...courtesy of Yai, one of Pedalers Thailand Bicycle Guides

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