Pad Nor Mai Farang Nah Man Hoi

Thai Aparagus with Shrimp


• garlic 2 or 3 big cloves, diced
• oyster sauce 4 tablespoons
• msg 1/2 teaspoon
• sugar 2 tablespoons
• fish sauce 1 tablespoon
• asparagus 100 to 150 grams
• mushroom 150 to 200 grams
• shrimp 8 to 12 medium size
• oil for cooking

How to Cook

Dice garlic, then fry in oil until light brown color. Then add asparagus and stir fry for about 30 seconds until brighter green, then add mushrooms. Add rest of ingredients (except shrimp) and mix together while stir frying. Cook until asparagus is tender, then add shrimp. When shrimp cooked remove from wok and enjoy with your friend (enough for two people). Serve with rice.

...courtesy of Yai, one of Pedalers Thailand Bicycle Guides

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