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cyclists atop an Alaska mountain pass
cycling over Thompson Pass into prince William SountdMuncho Lake Provincial ParkColumbine flower at historic Rikas Roadhousecyclists atop an Alaska mountain pass

Cycling in Alaska

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scenery from Taste of Al-Can Bike Tour

Taste of Al-Can Bike Tour

15 day Bicycling tour in Alaska Yukon
A fresh new take on bicycling the Alaska Highway, end to end. Taste of the Al-Can combines rides along carefully selected, spectacular stretches of wilderness highway with an eclectic selection of truly northern lodges, roadhouses & motels. Dramatic days of cycling topped off by hearty meals and comfortable inns.   Learn More
scenery from Alaska Yukon Bike Tour

Alaska Yukon Bike Tour

16 day Bicycling tour in Alaska
This magnificent tour combines four of North America's most stunning and remote highways into one unparalleled cycling adventure. This trip is essentially one endless photo opportunity: between the ferry up the porpoise-populated Inside Passage, the towering Alaskan Range Rockies, the startling encounters with local wildlife, and the glaciers draped across the valleys, you may just have a hard time keeping your eyes on the road.   Learn More
scenery from Klondike Bike Tour

Klondike Bike Tour

12 day Bicycling tour in Yukon
Join us as we retrace the route of the original 1897 Gold Rush. Our trip kicks off in the frontier town of Dawson City, Yukon, and winds its way south to the port town of Skagway, Alaska. On this 12-day tour, we break up the stretches of gloriously raw wilderness with visits to charming regional attractions, including a stop at Braeburn Lodge (home of the dinner plate-sized cinnamon bun), a 2-night layover in Whitehorse, and an extra day to roam the historic sidewalks of Skagway itself.   Learn More
scenery from Alaska Craft Beers & Bike Tour

Alaska Craft Beers & Bike Tour

10 day Bicycling & Beer Tasting tour in Alaska
Pedalers has combined two of cyclists' favorite passtimes into one grand vacation - cycling through awe inspiring landscapes and relaxing with extraordinary craft beers afterwards. This one of a kind bicycle tour rolls along some of the most scenic roads in the world, taking cyclists to hsitoric roadhouses and quiet, remote log cabin resorts, finished off with a nightly tasting of craft beers brewed in the 49th state.   Learn More
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