preparing for rafting on Phu Cho in Bhutan

Multisport Asia Tours

Bicycle, Hike, Paddle Southeast Asia

Unleash your inner adventurer and get ready for an unforgettable experience with Pedalers! We've handcrafted the ultimate multi-sport adventures in Bali, Bhutan, Thailand, India and Vietnam that will have you buzzing with excitement. Saddle up and pedal through breathtaking landscapes, soaking in the sights, sounds, and local vibes on two wheels. Feel the rush as you conquer wild rapids on a thrilling white-water rafting expedition that'll leave you shouting, "More, please!" Glide like a boss on a sea kayaking escapade, exploring hidden coves and treating your eyes to stunning coastal wonders.

And hey, let's not forget about the boots! Lace 'em up and get your wanderlust on as you trek through ancient temples, vibrant markets, and lush forests on our captivating walking trails. Our experienced guides will be your adventure sidekicks, ensuring your safety while dishing out insider knowledge like the pros they are. Oh, and did we mention our dedication to sustainable travel? We believe in leaving footprints of joy, not just carbon! So get ready for fun, thrills, and the time of your life with Pedalers. Join us on our multi-sport odyssey, where adventure meets professionalism, and where memories are made. Let's pedal, paddle, and explore together!

photo from Bhutan Multisport Tour

Bhutan Multisport Tour

Bike, raft & hike the inspiration for the legends of Shangri-la
Première or Classic* ✦ 8 days ✦ Moderate
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photo from Madhya Pradesh Cycling

Madhya Pradesh Cycling

Tigers, Leopards & Bears, lets bike this lesser known region of India
Première ✦ 10 days ✦ Moderate
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photo from Bali Multisport Tour

Bali Multisport Tour

Emerald rice paddies, hindu temples, artisans, bike the best of Bali
Première or Classic* ✦ 7 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from North Vietnam Bike Tour

North Vietnam Bike Tour

Cuisine, dramatic landscapes and history of northern Vietnam
Classic Inns ✦ 10 days ✦ Moderate
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photo from Chiang Mai Family Multisport

Chiang Mai Family Multisport

Bike, raft and cook your way through Chiang Mai's wonders
Première or Classic* ✦ 7 days ✦ Leisurely
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photo from Bike Across Southern Thailand

Bike Across Southern Thailand

Bicycling & sea kayaking through dramatic karst landscapes
Classic Inns ✦ 10 days ✦ Leisurely
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