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punakha dzong in cnetral bhutan

Bhutan Multisport Tour

an 8 day multisport tour in Bhutan
Explore the country that inspired the legends of Shangri-la by bike, hike, and whitewater raft. This 8-day multisport adventure is an intimate tour of one of the most spiritual and isolated regions in Asia. Surrounded by steep mountains dotted with centuries-old dzongs, we'll spend our days cycling up and over Dochula Pass, hiking to such fabled sites as Taktshang Goemba (also known as the famous Tigers Nest) and navigating the tumbling rapids of Pho Chu River.   Learn More
(scheduled dates March through October)
traditional bhutan house along bicycle tour route

Bike Across Bhutan

a 16 day bike tour in Bhutan
A journey of a lifetime, traversing Shangri-la from the eastern border with India to fabled Tiger's Nest Monastery. Discover parts of Bhutan that the majority of visitors never see, fortified temples perched on hill tops, deep ravines lined with tropical orchids, markets teeming with fresh vegetables and fruits from the mountain sides.   Learn More
(scheduled dates May through October)
chotens on a high pass in Bhutan

Heart of Bhutan Bike Tour

a 12 day bike tour in Bhutan
Sheltered by the soaring Himalayas and surrounded by ancient dzongs, Bhutan is a country of unparalleled calm and incredible history. During this 12-day tour we'll challenge you with plenty of invigorating high-altitude cycling, tackling several historic passes and even the summit of the Black Mountains. Trust us, the views alone are worth the effort. Off the bike we'll explore Bhutanese villages, farms, and temples, and unwind every night in luxurious, locally-owned inns and resorts.   Learn More
(available year round for groups of 4 or more)
trekking the historic paths in Bhutan

Bhutan Walking Tours

multi-day hikes through Bhutan
Lace up your boots and discover Bhutan off the beaten path, strolling through the dense forests, orchids hanging from the branches framing glimpses of the tall peaks of the Himalayas. Trekking in Bhutan is different than its Himalayan neighbors, with quiet villages that see only a few travelers, lush landscapes, cascading rivers and more. Combined with the great camps set by our select guides, it is a chance to discover Shangri-la in the same fashion as early explorers, wandering the uncharted trails.  
(treks available year round)
Bhutan tshechu festival dancer

Bespoke Bhutan

customized itineraries for you
Pedalers has been introducing adventurous travelers to Shangri-la for more than a decade. As one of the first tour operators to offer cycling in Bhutan, we are experts at opening up Bhutan's hidden doors to you. And we love crafting special journeys for groups of all sizes. Challenge us with your interests in outdoor travel, cooking, exploring, discovering cultures in person or just relaxing with traditional massages.  
(anytime you want to go)
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