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Camping Under Open Skies

why settle for 5 stars, enjoy million star nights

There is nothing better than the camaraderie of relaxing under the open skies swapping tales as evenings color's envelop the towering mountains surrounding your campsite. We've always enjoyed the simple pleasures of camping and bring this to some of our tours.

While camping conjures up images of roughing it to some folks ... dirt, pit toilets, bugs ... that isn't the way we do it. Our campgrounds are chosen for their locations and amenities. We usually enjoy full facilities at our overnight stops, hot showers, running water, flush toilets and more. Our camps along the Alaska Highway offer fresh home made pies and cinnamon rolls from the camp's bakery. And most are situated in scenic regions ... . surrounded by towering snow capped peaks ... on the shore of a beautiful lake ... tucked under a canopy of sweet smelling fir trees.

Your comfort is also taken into account. Most evenings our large dining canopy is set up, providing shelter should a little shower pass by, with comfy folding chairs for each guest. And if the insects make a nuisance of themselves, we can wrap our shelter with a mosquito bar to keep the wild life at bay while we relax and enjoy our evening meal and story telling.

Most of our trips in North America are camping programs, featuring delightful campgrounds and our renowned "almost gourmet" cooking. On layover days and when we are in the bigger towns, we often swap our camps for night in quiet motel or delightful lodge. For folks who prefer the indoor comforts of a lodge, most camping nights have nearby inns or motels that you can enjoy.

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