Indulge in a Global Gastronomic Journey!

Feast on Handpicked Menus Showcasing Mouthwatering Local Delights

When it comes to dining on our epic Inn to Inn trips, get ready for a culinary extravaganza like no other! We firmly believe that food holds the key to unlocking the essence of any culture, offering a glimpse into the everyday lives of the places we visit. And hey, let's face it, amazing food is absolutely vital for all you cyclists out there – after all, we eat to ride and ride to eat!

Dinner time is when the magic happens. It's not just about savoring scrumptious dishes, but also about bonding with your fellow riders. Instead of handing you a boring coupon and directing you to the hotel dining room, we rally as a group and venture out to local restaurants that specialize in the most delectable regional cuisine. At many of our destinations, we dive into a family-style dining experience. Our guides expertly order a medley of outstanding dishes from the restaurant (don't worry, when English menus are available, you can also make your own mouthwatering selections) and place them right in the center of the table, allowing everyone to sample and indulge to their heart's content. And fear not, when family style isn't possible, you're free to order à la carte from the menu.

For lunch, we'll take you to charming local cafés along our route or set up a delightful picnic, courtesy of your trusty team of guides. Lunchtime is all about enjoying simpler yet satisfying meals because we know most riders don't want a massive feast halfway through their adventure. As for breakfast, we've got you covered with comforting western delights served at our carefully selected hotels.

So, get your taste buds ready and embark on an epicurean odyssey with us! It's time to discover the flavors of the world, one incredible dish at a time.

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