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Dining on our Inn to Inn trips is a culinary adventure unto itself. We believe that food is an important part of every culture and a key to understanding the everyday life of the region being visited. We also understand that great food is essential to all cyclists, we eat to ride and ride to eat.

Dinners are a special time, a chance to not only enjoy good food, but socialize with your fellow riders. Rather than give you a coupon and say enjoy dinner at the hotel dining room, we head out as a group to a local restaurant that specializes in the best regional cuisine. At many of our destinations, we eat family style, with our guides ordering a variety of outstanding dishes from the restaurant (guests can also select dishes when we have English language menus available) that are placed in the table center, so that everyone can try all the dishes and eat as much as they prefer. When family style is not an option, guests are free to order à la carte off the menu.

Lunches are taken at local cafés along our route or at a picnic set up by your team guides. Lunches tend to be simpler meals, as most riders prefer not to eat a huge meal midway through their ride. Breakfasts are taken at our hotels for the most part and where possible feature familiar, comfortable western items.


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