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Booking Your Adventure

Pedalers has offered secure online booking since the late 1990s.

There are several start points from which you can book your tour. Each tour page has two "Join Group" buttons for booking a spot on a scheduled departure, as well as two "Go Private" buttons to book a private departure for your friends & family. The top navigation menu also has a Book Trip link.

The booking form gathers the essential details we need to confirm your space(s) and submitting it locks your booking in. You and your fellow travelers will be asked to submitted additional personal details later through our Guest Questionnaire, covering things like medical issues, diets, rooming requests, etc.

Pedalers employs a highly encrypted booking system for the protection of your personal details. Each guest is asked to create their own passphrase to serve as their access to this encrypted data. The Passphrase can be anything, from a simply sentence such as "I love stout beer" to a more complex combination of letters. Be sure to write it down or choose something you will remember, as we can't change your passphrase later, nor can we retrieve it.

Tours can be paid for via ACH (US banks only, aka online bill paying) and Wire Transfer (non-US based guests). Pedalers does not accept credit cards, but guests may be able to use the credit card to send payment through Wise. Wise may also offer lower cost international transfers for guests from outside the country.

All prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise mentioned.

Pedalers welcomes bookings from bona fide travel agencies, OTAs and other travel professionals. Visit our Travel Agency page for more details on booking procedures.


Deposit and Final Balance Payments

Each tour has a required, non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking. The deposit is required for each guest being registered on your booking form. The balance of tour costs is due on or before 45 days prior to the starting date of your trip. Bookings submitted less than 45 days prior to the starting date of the tour must pay tour costs in full at the time of booking.


After Booking Information

Once your booking has been confirmed and your deposit payment has cleared, a confirmation of your booking will be emailed to the person making the booking. Please share that email with everyone in your party, as it will contain urls and booking identifiers needed for our online preparation materials and pre-tour forms.

Your Trip Planning information is available for download in several versions. We offer a standard PDF version which is suitable for viewing on your desktop, laptop or tablet and formatted for printing, a phone PDF that has been formatted to be easily read on a smart phone and an EPUB version for your Kindle or other ebook reader. All versions include a wide variety of info from destinations & visa information to equipment & clothing lists and much more. We strongly suggest everyone in your party read through everything to be prepared.

The confirmation email also has links to our important pre-tour Guest Questionnaire, as well as links to other forms, such as visa forms if your tour package includes them, payment forms to send in your balance, etc.

Pedalers Release of Liability is now digitally signed, either while booking or on the Guest Questionnaire if your reservation is part of a group. Agreement to the terms is required for participation.


Air Travel

None of our tours include international airfare from your home to our tour destination, we leave that in your hands to take advantage of any frequent flyer preferences or use of points. If you need some assistance, you can work with our friends at Exito Travel.



With the exception of our Bhutan tours, none of our tour packages include visa processing or costs. If you prefer to have someone handle the processing of your visa needs, you can work with our friends at VisaHQ.

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 All trip costs billed in US Dollars

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