Jordan Bike Tours

From the depths of antiquity to the clamor of the modern world, this magical region will mesmerize you with its glorious landscapes, vibrant culture and monumental history. Travelers can swim at the lowest point of Earth in the Dead Sea, cycle to the hilltop village of Dana with its nature reserves, explore the intricate mosaics of ruined buildings, spend a night under the million star filled skies of the Wadi Rum desert. And yes, there is the life-changing, stunning and awe-inducing Petra, one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Jordan should be on your bucket list and Pedalers is happy to help you check that box with our Jordan Bike Tour. Or if walking is more your cup of tea, ask us about privately guided walks or hikes along the famed Jordan Trail stretching from top to bottom of this wonderful nation.

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