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ramblings: thoughts from the folks at pedalers

Your Data & Pedalers

With all the recent news about data breaches and unethical data sharing that has been going on with Facebook, elections and hackers plus the impending GDPR rules in the EU, we wanted to open up about how Pedalers treats your personal information. In simple terms, we treat it like it was our own personal information ... read more

Discover Lhasa

Known as the "Land of the Gods", the capital city of Lhasa sits right in the heart of the Tibet autonomous region in China, deep in a valley next to the Lhasa River. Shimmering like a pearl on the snow-covered plateaus, this city is the political, cultural ... read more

The Ancient Walled City of Chiang Mai

Before the 1920s, it used to take an arduous river journey or a rugged elephant trek through the jungle to reach the beautiful temples of Chiang Mai. Fortunately, this northern gem is now much more accessible. However, its decades of isolation has had the benefit ... read more

Pad Prik Kang Kai Prik Thai Orn

• chicken, slice 500 - 600 gm
• fresh chili, slice 80 - 100 gm. ( big chili )
• fresh green peppercorns 100 - 130 gm. ( cut about 1 cm. ) ( dried black peppercorns OK )
• garlic, pound 1 1/2 tablespoons
• chili, pound 1 tablespoons
.... read more

Discover Laos

Surrounded by Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west, Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia with a long history and a fascinating culture. It is calmer than the bustling chaos of its other neighboring countries, but ... read more

Yellow Curry Crab


• 1 kg -crab (about 3 large crabs)
• 1.5 tbsp - sugar
• 1 tsp - msg
• 3 tbsp - oyster sauce
.... read more

Minced Pork (laab mu)


• 500 grams pork - diced to small pieces
• 100 grams red onion - sliced into thin strips
• small bunch mint
• 150 grams rice, uncooked, brown in fry pan, then pound into flour
.... read more

Bhutan - A Hidden Himalayan Jewel

It is rare in this day and age that we find a pocket of civilization that has been untouched by the rampant modernization of our day to day life. Between the bleeping cell phones, flickering televisions, and humming computers we have almost forgotten ... read more

Pad Nor Mai Farang Nah Man Hoi Sai Kung (Fried Asparagus & Shrimp with Oyster Sauce)


• garlic 2 or 3 big cloves, diced
• oyster sauce 4 tablespoons
• sugar 2 tablespoons
• fish sauce 1 tablespoon
.... read more

Sweet Marinated Pork


• pork 1/2 kilo thin sliced
• rotdee - 3 tablespoons
• honey - 3 tablespoons
• oyster sauce - 6 tablespoons
.... read more

Bali, Indonesia - a Paradise for Pedaling

With gorgeous beaches, world-class surfing and diving, and endless sunshine, Bali has long been a bikini paradise for the laid back sun and surf fan. However, there is a lot more to Bali than gnarly waves and sweet parties. This Indonesian island is saturated ... read more

Yum Hed (Shiitake mushroom salad with shrimp)


• shrimps 300 grams. ( just meat )
• shiitake mushroom 300 grams.
• tomatoes 2 tomatoes. ( cut about 5 or 6 pieces each tomato )
• onion 2 onions. ( cut half and slice them )
.... read more

Green curry with chicken ( Kang keaw whan kai )


• chicken ( slice ) 300 grams.
• green curry 1 spoon. ( if you like spicy you can add little bit more )
• egg plant 1/2 bow. ( 1 egg plant cut for 4 pieces )
• goat pepper 1/2 bow. ( slice )
.... read more

Discover Kathmandu

Once upon a time, Kathmandu was thought to be the fabled and inaccessible Shangri-La, a place of mysterious wonders sought after by many. Now, it is the capital and the largest city of Nepal, and a growing hotspot for independent travelers ... read more

Pha Kung ( shrimp salad )


• Fresh water shrimp 500 grams.
• Lemon juice 1 tablespoon.
• Fish sauce 1 tablespoon.
• Sugar ½ tablespoon.
.... read more

Fabled Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the largest collection of religious buildings in the world, and will occupy your memories long after you have explored its temples and corridors. The architecture has been compared to that of Greece or Rome, and there are thousands ... read more

Bangkok Layovers

Quite a number of our tours are best reached by flights that connect through Bangkok. And while our customers from Europe, Australia and New Zealand can connect straight through usually, our friends from North America often find themselves spending the night in Bangkok ... read more

Tum Kha Gai

A coconut milk soap with chicken. A slightly spicy dish to enjoy with rice.Ingredients

• Chicken breast 300 grams (slice into small pieces)
• Coconut milk 150 ml.
• water 150 ml.
• Galangal slice 4 - 5 pieces
.... read more

Pad Ped Mu ( red curry with pork )


• Red curry paste 1 spoon
• Cooking oil 1 spoon
• Pork slice 400 grams
• Fish Sauce 1 and half spoon
.... read more

Explore Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi has held the position of capital of Vietnam for more than a thousand years, despite invasions, restorations, occupations and name changes. It is the second largest city in the country, and is the perfect contrast to the busy chaos of Ho Chi Minh City ... read more

Fried Chicken with Basil


• Garlic 1 and half tablespoon
• Chili 1/2 or 1 tablespoon
• Basil leaf
• oil ( use low oil ) 3 - 5 tablespoon
.... read more

Obama in Thailand

The Thais were never ones for missing out on a marketing opportunity. Presenting the newest Thai Whiskey ... Obama brand.

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