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Pad Ped Mu
(red curry pork)

• Red curry paste 1 spoon
• Cooking oil 1 spoon
• Pork slice 400 grams
• Fish Sauce 1 and half spoon
• Sugar half spoon
• Lemon leaf 3-4 leaves slice (same as put in tom yum kung )
• Fresh pepper little bit
• Red pepper 2 and slice
• Coconut milk 1 small container

How to Cook

Put oil in first wait till it get hot. And then put red curry in, wait for while. Then put pork in and fry it for about 5 minutes till it cook. Then put half coconut milk in then fry them about 5 minutes till you see fat of coconut milk. Then put other half coconut milk in, fry then together and then put the other flavors in. Wait for 2 minutes and then turn it off.

...courtesy of Yai, one of Pedalers Thailand Bicycle Guides