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Pedalers: 35 years of adventure

Back in the mid-80s a couple of cycling buddies started planning trips abroad for friends and word spread. In 1987, they decided to bring this to others and the business was born. Over the years, trips were created, destinations came and went, but the underlying concept of truly discovering a country through insider's perspective and self propelled power never changed.

Today Pedalers offers trips in 15 global destinations by bicycle, walking or paddling, all focused on introducing guests to destination from a local's perspective. Guide teams are all from the area being visited bringing an insiders point of view to both the planning and operation of the trip. Hotels are selected because they also bring the country's culture to the forefront, no bland international chains. And as food is at the heart of a destination's life, meal times are no exception, with guests going out to dine at outstanding restaurants discovering a guide curated menu of local specialties.

Media Travel

Pedalers invites travel journalists and social media influencers to consider joining one of our tours. As most reputable media outlets frown upon comp trips, Pedalers offers reduced rates for journalists and vetted influencers for most all of our tours. Drop us an email with more details on your assignment, potential placements or online following as well as tour of interest.

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