Nepal Cycling & Trekking Tours

Nepal first drew Pedalers founder to come explore by bicycle back in the early 1980s. Cycle touring was not big yet in the country, villagers were always surprised to see us come in by bike in the evening. Bedding down in very basic guesthouses after a fine dinner of dal baht and beer, we discovered the secondary byways of this Himalayan Kingdom.

Fast forward to today, we are still cycling a similar itinerary through Nepal, but enjoy nice hotels with all the amenities and a wide variety of regional Nepalese and Indian cuisine. Come discover Nepal from the seat of a bicycle, relishing the magnificent vistas from high in the mountains, rolling through the emerald green farmlands of the Terai Plains and visiting off the beaten path destinations.

Or if walking is more your passion, checkout our teahouse treks, hiking the dramatic footpaths of the Himalayan backcountry, while enjoying comfortable accommodation in remote lodges. The combination the best of Inn to Inn walks with alpine treks through remote regions.

Join our local guides for an adventure across Nepal.

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Nepal Bike Tour
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