Pedalers Cares

new policies and procedures in response to the global pandemic

Peace of Mind Change Policy

Pedalers no longer charges any fees for transferring your booking and monies paid to a new departure date or to a different tour package.

To change dates or tours, please contact us in writing, either by email or old fashion postal mail, with your request. As a means of verification, we request that your change notification include: your name, original tourcode & booking ID, names of others on your booking and the last four digits of the card used to pay for the booking.

If you find you need to change again, the same policy and no fee option will apply. This new policy is also retroactive to all previously made bookings for departures during the year 2020.


Single Traveler Policy

As a health precaution due to the current global situation with Covid19, Pedalers will not pair up single travelers to share a room or tent for the foreseeable future. Guests traveling by themselves will be required to book a Single Room and will be liable for the Single Supplement Fee. Single travelers joining with a friend for the tour may share a twin bedded room, but need to signup together on a single booking ( they can pay separately ).


Must Bring Personal Equipment

Pedalers has always asked guests to bring their own helmets for cycling tours, as we feel they can not be adequately cleaned between uses. This policy is now mandatory and we also require guests to bring their own cycling waterbottles to use during the tours. Guests without either of these can purchase those items once they reach most of our destinations, but we suggest looking at home first so as to have a bigger and better selection to choose from. Use of helmets IS required on all cycling tours or during the cycling portion of multi-sport tours.

Guests also need to bring their own facemask to wear. We suggest cloth ones that can be washed and reused, rather than a box of disposable masks.


Smaller Groups

To allow adequate social distancing in our support vans during transfers or when people would like to break from cycling, we now limit all scheduled departures to 8 guests maximum. Parties booking a private date can request a larger group allowance.


Facemasks and Social Distancing Policies

Pedalers believes that the wearing of face masks and observing social distancing aids in the reduction of the spread of Covid19.

Wearing facemasks is required during the following tour activities:
•   While riding in any support vehicle or public transportion used during the tour
•   While walking as group on a city tour, going to & from meals, through transportation hubs
•   During group meetings, orientation, hotel check-in, etc
•   Before dinner is served and while sitting around chatting after you have finished eating

Guests are asked to maintain social distancing:
•   At rest stops
•   At group meetings
•   While in public transportation hubs awaiting departure

Please note that in some destinations local rules may impose additional conditions, such as, in Madagascar masks must be worn at all times including while cycling, in Thailand your temperature will be checked when entering any store or restaurant, etc. Your guide team will update you during orientation of any changes or added local restrictions.


Where Can I GO

The chart below shows which countries are open, open with restrictions or closed to the five countries from which we draw most of our guests ( USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia ). This chart does not take into account restrictions your country may impose on its citizens leaving, only the entry rules. Things are constantly changing and we will attempt to keep the chart up to date, but please double check before making any plans.


PCR - Pre-travel RT-PCR test required, VCN - Must be fully vaccinated, Q - Quarantine required and number of days