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We blaze new trails instead of following the herd... Pedalers has never been one to conform. We believe this incredible planet is brimming with fascinating and unique destinations that are just waiting to be explored. We relish the thrill of discovering new places, eagerly veering off the beaten path on our trusty bicycles, simply to unravel the mysteries that lie beyond. Sure, guidebooks might offer a glimpse into the country, but for us, they're just appetizers, teasers that whet our curiosity, not the ultimate authority on where to go.

At Pedalers, we tap into the power of local expertise to craft our tours. We forge friendships with local cyclists, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, tour guides, and restaurateurs, which opens up a treasure trove of hidden gems and uncharted wonders. How many people know about the enchanting calcite crystal caves of Mae Hong Son Province or the awe-inspiring 1000-year-old Buddha images at Wat Tham Tab Tao? These are just a couple of the exclusive, off-the-beaten-path destinations you'll experience on our cycling holidays and adventure tours.

Our bike tour routes are meticulously designed to showcase exhilarating cycling routes, immerse you in captivating cultures, reveal breathtaking landscapes, and treat your taste buds to phenomenal cuisine. We rarely succumb to trends and always steer clear of tourist traps. Sure, we might encounter simpler hotels or rougher roads as we journey off the beaten path, but we firmly believe that the significance of the destination far outweighs the need for comfort.

The same intrepid spirit infuses our walking and paddling trips. We meander from historic villages to hidden landmarks, discovering secret eateries whispered about by locals, all while evading the tourist masses and their conventional trappings. Our goal is for you to truly experience our world firsthand, embracing the local way of life in all its glory. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

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