Exclusive Routes

We Explore, We Discover, You Treasure !

We never follow. We innovate, cycling the roads less traveled ... Pedalers has never been one for following the crowds, there are too many interesting and unique destinations on this amazing planet to want to follow everyone else down the same road. We love to explore new places, to turn our bikes down an interesting side road just to see what is there. Of course we peruse the guidebooks, same as you, but for us they are merely an appetizer, an intro to the country, not the gospel as to where to go.

tours with an insider's perspective

Pedalers draws on local expertise when developing our tours. Cultivating friendships with local cyclists, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, tour guides and restaurateurs opens many doors to undiscovered gems and hidden wonders. Not everyone knows the location of the calcite crystal caves of Mae Hong Son Province or the 1000 year old Buddha images in Wat Tham Tab Tao. These are just a couple of the unique places exclusive to our cycling holidays and adventure tours.

Our bike tour routes are developed to feature great cycling and interesting cultures, outstanding landscapes and superb cuisine. We rarely go where it is trendy and do our best to steer you clear of traditional tourist traps. As we travel off the beaten path, from time to time we have to put up with simpler hotels or perhaps rougher roads, but we feel that often the destination's importance outweighs the need for comfort.

Our walks and paddling trips share these same desires, wandering from historic village to little known landmarks to eateries kept quiet by locals, exploring away from the tour buses and trappings. We want you to discover our world in person, local style.