Expert Local Guides

Join our Family, Get to Know the Country Intimately

Our local expertise opens up the lifestyle and culture of the country we are visiting to your discovery and enjoyment. The members of Team Pedalers come from all walks of life and they love to reveal the hidden wonders of their country to you, after all it is their home. They bring years of cycle touring experience to provide you with a consistent, comfortable and enjoyable journey. Team Pedalers' staff guides are also experienced bike mechanics with the skills and adaptability to repair most anything, anywhere. Many of our fellow bike tour companies fly their hometown guides to far away destinations to lead trips and while they maybe familiar with the region and good guides, they can't really give you the true insiders view. A local crew opens doors closed to outsiders.

Your ride will be fully supported by our gregarious crew. They are as handy with a garlic press as they are with a headset press and come with a fully loaded guide's bag o'tricks to assure you have a great time. Most trips are accompanied by a two person team. One will often ride sweep on their bike, while the other patrols in our sagwagon. Larger groups could have a second support vehicle. Your guide team is headed up by either a bi-lingual international guide living in the area or a native born cycling enthusiast fluent in English, complimented by an English speaking support crew from that country. Your sagwagon is always available for a ride, should you discover the day's pedaling exceeds your desires, and carries water, spares and bike tools to keep you rolling. Your baggage also gets a lift in the sag and will be awaiting you each night at our accommodation.

tours with an insider's perspective