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Imagine, quiet villages tucked in among emerald rice paddies, colorful pagodas reaching skyward, mouthwatering smells wafting from braziers on carts lining the city streets, ethnic villages populated by locals in the colorful livery ... no need to imagine, that is Vietnam. For more than 20 years, we have been exploring this Southeast Asia destination, discovering tasty treats, out of the way villages and delightful lodges, tucked in lush tropical valleys.

Discover the Vietnam on a bicycle tour that introduces you to a regional taste of this varied country. The contrasts between the northern, central and southern regions are great enough to each require a journey of their own. A north to south 10 day journey just doesn't do justice to what there is to see, experience and learn. Explore the dramatic landscapes, ethnic villages and majestic Ha Long Bay on our North Vietnam Bike Tour. Discover the quiet hamlets of the Mekong Delta, taste the street foods of Saigon and cycle the notorious Ho Chi Minh Trail on our Three Tastes of South Vietnam Bike Tour.

South Vietnam Cycle

Three tastes of cycling in Vietnam, from the city to rural villages
Première ✦ 10 days ✦ Leisurely
03 Dec 2023 ✦ 08 Jan, 02 Dec 2024

North Vietnam Bike Tour

Cuisine, dramatic landscapes and history of northern Vietnam
Première ✦ 10 days ✦ Moderate
12 Nov 2023 ✦ 22 Jan, 11 Nov 2024

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