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At Home on the Ride

hand selected, locally owned, inns, lodges and resorts

Pedalers approaches our hotel selection from a different point of view than our fellow tour companies. Authenticity and cultural sensitivity are central to the Pedalers’ philosophy. Intimate, locally run inns and restaurants are preferred over big international chains for the way they enrich each traveler’s experience.

We have thoughtfully selected our lodges, choosing those that reflect the area’s culture, lifestyle and traditional architecture, the majority of which are locally owned and operated. Many of these inns will be a unique experience for you ... bamboo bungalows shaded by tall palms, overlooking the blue ocean ... chalets built of teak surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest ... colorful colonial hotels, where the stairs creak as you walk to the second floor and a cool, covered veranda invites you to relax and watch life in the village below.

But we don’t sacrifice the creature comforts in our pursuit of authenticity. Our boutique lodges are carefully chosen for their friendly staff and full service. And always feature the best of modern western amenities, full en-suite bathrooms with hot showers, comfortable beds and clean rooms.

Looking at our tour prices, one might assume that we stay in budget lodging. But guests are always amazed at the high level of accommodation they get for their trip. Most of our Classic level hotels would fall into the 3 star level on a five star scale. Occasionally we may go for a 4 star property, but from time to time our inn falls into a more simple category, as we feel the destination’s importance outweighs the priority for a nicer hotel.

Pedalers now offers our Première level tours for folks who like a luxurious evening to compliment their adventurous day. Using the same meticulous vetting that our guests have benefited from on our Classic tours, we have hand selected luxurious lodges and inns, which reflect local styles and culture, while still providing the top level of service and amenities. Resorts featured on our Première level tours fall into the 4 & 5 star realm. A perfect blend of Luxury & Adventure.

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