Pedalers approaches our hotel selection from a different point of view than our fellow tour companies. Authenticity and cultural sensitivity are central to the Pedalers’ philosophy. Intimate, locally run inns and restaurants are preferred over big international chains for the way they enrich each traveler’s experience. We have thoughtfully selected our lodges, choosing those that reflect the area’s culture, lifestyle and traditional architecture, the majority of which are locally owned and operated.

Classic Inns

You will enjoy Pedalers' carefully chosen selection of mid-priced boutique properties on our Classic tours. These inns and resorts provide all the expected amenities while still remaining true to local character and lifestyles. Combined with friendly attentive local staff, comfortable beds, hot showers and often a pool to relax in après cycling. Most hotels are 3 stars on a five star scale, with an occasional 4 star thrown in for fun and once in a while a 2 star property when the destination warrants an overnight stay. The Classic style has been Pedalers' hallmark since our inception more than 30 years ago.

Première Classe

Our Première level tours are for folks who like a luxurious evening to compliment their adventurous day. Using the same meticulous vetting that our guests have benefited from on our Classic tours, we have hand selected luxurious lodges and inns, which reflect local styles and culture, while still providing the top level of service and amenities. Resorts featured on our Première level tours fall into the 4 & 5 star realm. A perfect blend of Luxury & Adventure.

Under Canvas

Why settle for four stars when you can have a million stars? Pedalers also offers tours that enjoy camping in the great outdoors. Most of our Under Canvas tours also spend part of the trip relaxing in comfortable Classic level hotels. You can read more on our camping page.

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