Why Pedalers

the inside scoop on our local expertise, awesome dining and imaginative routes


1: We're one of the best. No, really.

We've been doing adventure tours for more than 35 years. We've led hundreds of trips, received thousands of thank-yous, and been ranked as one of the top adventure travel experiences by National Geographic, twice.

2: You get off the beaten path.

With decades of experience under our belts, we know how to find the paths less traveled.   Our route creation skills

3: You go with expert local guides.

On a Pedalers tour, you'll soon discover that your guide isn't just a navigator ' they're a direct line into the culture, cuisine, and spirit of the land you've chosen to explore.   Meet some of the crew

4: You stay in delightful inns and resorts.

Pedalers relies on a carefully vetted network of beautiful, full-service accommodations to round out every tour, striking a rare balance between cultural authenticity and modern luxury.   About our hotel choices

5: You eat unforgettable food.

When dinner time rolls around, your guides lead the way to local restaurants for an evening of true culinary adventure. Gathered around a table with the rest of your tour group, you'll feast every night on the best regional dishes in town.   Hungry? Read More!

6: You travel responsibly.

We perfected the art of low-impact, culturally sensitive travel long before "ecotourism" got its name. We do it because it's what we've always believed in, not because it's the latest travel trend.   Pedalers cares

7: You camp comfortably.

Who says camping has to mean "roughing it?" On our camping tours, you can indulge in hot showers and crack open a cold craft beer as soon as you roll into camp. Relax and chat the evening away before retiring to a big comfortable tent.   Camping with Pedalers

8: Did we mention we have fun!

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