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Northern Highlights

a 7 day bike tour in Thailand
Our tour of Northern Thailand kicks off in the 700-year-old kingdom of Chiang Mai, then sets out for the ancient ruins and exotic flora of Thailand's tropical countryside. This trip is a dazzling mix of cultural and culinary adventure, including highlights such as Chiang Mai's bustling, lantern-lit night markets, the remote hillside villages of ethnic Karen tribes, and the best traditional Thai cuisine the region has to offer.   Learn More
(scheduled dates year round)
khao sok national park by boat

Thailand Land & Sea

a 10 day multisport tour in Thailand
Explore the Andaman Coast by land and sea on this multi-sport bike tour, which include sun-kissed sea-kayaking trips every few days and a two-night stay in a floating hotel. Surrounded by the dramatic vistas of karst limestone cliffs and outcroppings at every turn, you'll cycle past lush mangrove forests and over bright beaches, feasting on spectacularly fresh seafood as you go. By kayak, we'll guide you to the coast's looming limestone canyons, exploring its mysterious coves and caves along the way.   Learn More
(scheduled dates year round)
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Experiences Chiang Mai

bike, hike, raft, cook, kayak in Thailand
Our fixed-base tour of Northern Thailand is perfect for casual cyclists and families. Each day start and ends at the same beautiful hotel in the heart of 700-year-old Chiang Mai, so there's no need to pack and unpack. Every day we set out to explore something new - be it mountain biking down Doi Suthep, rafting the Mae Taman, the ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam or even a local Thai cooking class,- returning at dusk to the luxurious comforts of a four-star hotel.   Learn More
(available year round)
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Ancient Kingdoms

a 14 day bike tour in Thailand
Join us on our 14-day trek through Northern Thailand as we cycle from one ancient, awe-inspiring attraction to the next. This high-mileage tour passes through serene agricultural plains and rolling foothills etched with rice paddies, stopping to explore the region's innumerable historical gems: the ancient ruins of Sukhothai, the golden shrines of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, the cave-hidden Buddha statues of Tham Tub Tao to name just a few.   Learn More
(available year round for groups of 2 or more)
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Bespoke Thailand

customized itineraries for you
Pedalers has been planning bike tours and other adventures in Thailand since 1987. And we love crafting special journeys for groups of all sizes. Challenge us with your interests in outdoor travel, cooking, exploring, discovering cultures in person or just relaxing with traditional massages.  
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